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Ramona 2


1. Name an example that proves that Ramona is a pest. page #

2. What 2 questions would you ask Ramona if she was here right now?

3.  Predict what will happen to Ramona during the rest of her kindergartend year.

4.  Which character would you choose to be your friend?


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Metric Measure

Give estimates for the following items with your group in the units that match. Use your Math journal for help if you need it.

1. bed in meters___

2. desk in centimeters__

3.  Irving to Dallas in kilometers__

4.  length of a pencil in centimeters__

5. length of the room in meters__

6. What body part is about 1 centimeter?

7. What body part is about 1 decimeter?

8. What body part is about 1 meter?

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Measure Me!

Name some itesms that you would measure in the following units.

1. inches:

2. feet:

3. yards:

4. miles:

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Condensation and Evaoration

 1. What is condensation? 

 2.  List as many examples as your group can where you have seen condensation. 

 3.  Describe what happened with your groups surface area experiment.

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Spelling Sort

With your group, sort your unit 8 words any way your group decides.  Be sure to list the category you are putting them under. Example: If I were to sort buttons I would sort them by size, color, shape, number of holes, texture or other things. 

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Money Matters!!

1. Come up with as many different ways that you can name $2. List the coins and or bills that you would use. 

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Ramona Part 1

Answer the following questions in your group.

1. Describe 3 main characters from our book. Use looks and personality.

 2. Who should get the ribbon from Ms. Binney? Why? Everyone in your group has to agree.

3. List who each member of your group’s kindergarten teacher.

4. Find and list 4 other books by the same author.

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Are you finished with your work early?  Try some of the below brain teasers. 

1.Only 20 animals live in Lisa’s barn. All in all, the animals have a total of 62 legs. The only animals that live there are cows and geese.

How many cows and how many geese live in Lisa’s barn?

2.You have 50 normal spiders. How many spider legs and spider
eyeballs do you have?

3.  First, unscramble each word. Then figure out what all the words have in common.mtooat plpae nlipnaat veoil cadaoov

4.Add up every number that contains an 8 between 0 and 50.
What’s the answer?


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1. What was the most exciting thing about visiting the Planetarium?

2. Did you learn something? Share what you remember.

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