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Graph it up!!


1.  Name the parts of the above graph.

2.  About how many car thefts ocurred in 1998?

3.  Which year had the least amount? How many?

4.  About how many more were there in 2001 than 2002?

5.  What is the total of the 2 highest months?


January 21, 2007 Posted by | Math | 1 Comment

Cause & Effect!!

 1. Name at least 2 effects to the following problem: A boy goes out into the woods and gets lost.  What could some effects be?

2. Name at least2 causes to the following problem:  The little girl is crying. Why? What are some causes?

3. Name a cause & effect relationship from a: home,  b: school,  c: grocery store

January 7, 2007 Posted by | Language Arts | 4 Comments