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Menu Math


You and your group have been given $100 for your weekend camping trip.  You have to plan breakfast, lunch and dinner for 4 people.  Tell us what your group will be eating on Saturday and Sunday for each meal and how much it will cost per item.  Make sure you buy enough for everybody.  Also, the meals need to be balanced and healthy.  (Not just candy bars) Go to some grocery sites to find real prices to use in your work, there are some links below to help you get started.

Step 1. Write out the menu that you would like to have.

Step 2. Write down the cost of the items next to each item and see if you have enough money.

Step 3. Put your completed menu with prices on the blog.

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Do you have the capacity for CAPACITY??


1.  Name the 2 units for METRIC capacity and give their abbreviations.

2. List the units for CUSTOMARY capacity from greatest to least and give their abbreviations.

3. Which capacity units measure similar amounts in metric and customary?

Example: inch and centimeter are small units for length.

4. Name 4 facts that you should know from your gallon man. (customary capacity)

5. Make 2 questions for other groups to answer. Ex: How many quarts are in a gallon?

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