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2012-2013 Weekly Student Update

Use this post to write about what we are learning in the major subjects. Click on the LEAVE A COMMENT button to start filling out your entry.  If you don’t know, ask a classmate.  Plese be sure to leave your NAME and the DATE.



Social Studies



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Welcome 2nd Graders!!!

Hello students and parents!   Welcome to a new school year.  I hope you all enjoyed your summer.  I know I sure did.  Tell me about the most exciting thing you did over the break.


My family drove to Florida for a brother in-laws wedding.  It was a lot of driving but also a lot of fun too.  We did some swimming, boogie boarding, fishing and hanging out with lots of family.

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Divide and Conquer

1. Name 4 key words that  usually mean to divide.

2. Make a fact family with these numbers: 3, 18, 6

2. How is division like multiplication?

4. List the steps to solve this divsion problem if you didn’t know the multiplication fact to help you.  24 divided by 6

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Multiplication Meaning

1. Write a multiplication sentence for the following problem:

Mr. James has 5 cats.  Each cat has 8 babies.  How many babies are there all together?

2. Use the following words and make up your own multiplication word problem.  Use EACH, PER, EVERY, ONE, APIECE or GROUPS in your word problem.

3. How is multiplication like addition?  Give me the addition sentence that goes with 3X6


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Money Money Money!!

Tell me 3 different ways to make 25 cents.   Don’t forget to put your name and number each different way with the coins you would use.





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