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Fantastic Mr. Fox


1. Name the main characters from this story.

2. What is the setting for this story? Why is it important?

3.  Describe the types of farms that the 3 farmers had.

4.  What would your group do to stop the foxes from stealing?  Give details.

5.  Who was your favorite and least favorite character? Why?


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Reading Review

1.  Name 5 opinion words.

2.  Name 2 prefixes with examples and definitions.

3.   Name 2 suffixes with examples and definitions.

4.  List 2 settings where a story could take place.

5.  What are the 4 main purpose an author writes a story?

6.  Name a movie and 2 cause and effect relationships from the movie.

7.  List 4 positive feeling words and 4 negative feeling words.

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Cause & Effect!!

 1. Name at least 2 effects to the following problem: A boy goes out into the woods and gets lost.  What could some effects be?

2. Name at least2 causes to the following problem:  The little girl is crying. Why? What are some causes?

3. Name a cause & effect relationship from a: home,  b: school,  c: grocery store

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1. List the 4 main purposes that an author has.

2. Which are you effected by the most? How?

3. Give an example of a book title for each of the 4 purposes. PIEE

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Ramona 2


1. Name an example that proves that Ramona is a pest. page #

2. What 2 questions would you ask Ramona if she was here right now?

3.  Predict what will happen to Ramona during the rest of her kindergartend year.

4.  Which character would you choose to be your friend?

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Spelling Sort

With your group, sort your unit 8 words any way your group decides.  Be sure to list the category you are putting them under. Example: If I were to sort buttons I would sort them by size, color, shape, number of holes, texture or other things. 

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Ramona Part 1

Answer the following questions in your group.

1. Describe 3 main characters from our book. Use looks and personality.

 2. Who should get the ribbon from Ms. Binney? Why? Everyone in your group has to agree.

3. List who each member of your group’s kindergarten teacher.

4. Find and list 4 other books by the same author.

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