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Addition Strategies


Explain which addition strategy you would use and why for the following problems.

1. 5+5

2. 9+3

3. 7+8

4. 6+4

 5. Make an addition word problem using a key word.


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Menu Math


You and your group have been given $100 for your weekend camping trip.  You have to plan breakfast, lunch and dinner for 4 people.  Tell us what your group will be eating on Saturday and Sunday for each meal and how much it will cost per item.  Make sure you buy enough for everybody.  Also, the meals need to be balanced and healthy.  (Not just candy bars) Go to some grocery sites to find real prices to use in your work, there are some links below to help you get started.

Step 1. Write out the menu that you would like to have.

Step 2. Write down the cost of the items next to each item and see if you have enough money.

Step 3. Put your completed menu with prices on the blog.

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Do you have the capacity for CAPACITY??


1.  Name the 2 units for METRIC capacity and give their abbreviations.

2. List the units for CUSTOMARY capacity from greatest to least and give their abbreviations.

3. Which capacity units measure similar amounts in metric and customary?

Example: inch and centimeter are small units for length.

4. Name 4 facts that you should know from your gallon man. (customary capacity)

5. Make 2 questions for other groups to answer. Ex: How many quarts are in a gallon?

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Metric Math


1.  List the all the customary units you would use to measure the weight of something from least to greatest.

2. List all the metric units you would use to measure the weight of something from greatest to least.

3. Name 3 things you would measure using pounds.

4. Name 3 things you would measure using ounces or grams.

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Math Review


1.  Solve the following problem and explain step by step how you did it.

    45 X 6. 

2. Write a multiplication word problem for other groups to solve that has 2 digits times 1 digit. Be sure to use key words!!

(Don’t copy mine!!) Example: Mr. Schweers has 32 students in his class. He decides to give each of his students $8 for behaving so well while he was away.  How much money will Mr. Schweers have to get from the bank? 

3.  Measure the perimeter of a student Math book in centimeters and put the answer.

4. Name 2 units that could be used to measure long distances like from Irving to Mexico.

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1. What is the difference between congruent and similar?

2. Name 3 letters in the alphabet that have 2 lines of symmetry.

3. List 3 new plane figures.

4. Give real world examples of the following 3 D shapes:

a. sphere

b. cylyinder

c. cone

d. cube

e. rectangular prism

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Graph it up!!


1.  Name the parts of the above graph.

2.  About how many car thefts ocurred in 1998?

3.  Which year had the least amount? How many?

4.  About how many more were there in 2001 than 2002?

5.  What is the total of the 2 highest months?

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Multiply Me!!

multiplication.gif1. How are multiplication and addition similar?

2. List as many multiplication words as you can.

3. Name as many different ways as your group can to solve the following problem.


4. What addition sentence goes with the multiplication fact of 4X9=36?

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Do you know the TIME??


1. List 3 things you could be doing at 7am.

2. Name 2 things that take you about 30 minutes to do.

3. How many times does the minute hand have to go completely around a clock to show 3 hours?

4. Name 2 ways time and temperature are the same and 2 ways they are different.

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Temperature Time!


 1. List the key words that tell that a temperature is going up.

2. List the key words that tell that a temperature is going down.

3. List estimates for the following temperatures in Fahrenheit:

a. body temp, b. cold day, c. water freezes, d. hot summer day, e. room temp.

4. What is the difference between normal body temperature and the temperature where water freezes? (3 point question)

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